Sweet Nothings….. Quotes & Stuff!

Everything is possible for him who believes. Mark 9:23

“Most times I didn’t try because I was afraid to fail. Today I give myself permission to fail so that I can release my potential to succeed. My mom always said, NOTHING beats a failure but a try.  ~FEARLESS”  Tikisha

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

” I know I’m no glamour girl, and it’s not easy for me to get up in front of a crowd of people. It used to bother me a lot, but now I’ve got it figured out that God gave me this talent to use, so I just stand there and sing” ~ Ms. Ella Fitzgerald _My friend, whatever ‘sing’ represents for you, God gave it to you, STAND and USE IT! TSM_

“Let’s start a life REVOLUTION!” T.Morris

Facing the reality of who we are requires us to face the reality of who we aren’t and dispose of the imposter. T.Morris (10/18/11)

At the end of the day, when the cameras are off, and the sun has set…its just ME and GOD…time to get REAL! T. Morris (9/15/11)


One thought on “Sweet Nothings….. Quotes & Stuff!

  1. Tikisha, I love them both! Especially the “dispose of the imposter” line. Thanks for subscribing to my blog too. I have returned the favor. Peace and blessings, Terri

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