Total Woman Tuesday: Stay True to You

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Happy TWT! Ladies, I have to admit writing this blog can be fun, other times…not so much. I write about what I need, what I’ve learned and what I’m struggling with. Not always fun. I started Total Woman Tuesday’s as Notes on Facebook. I’m a writer; some days I love to write, other days I don’t want to pick up a pen – it’s just the way I flow some times. But I’m learning something, if you want to get better at anything and make a real impact you have to be consistent. I’m a writer. It’s one of my gifts. So I need to stay true to me.

In this new day of all things reality, the lines of who you are can get blurred by what seems to be in for the moment. We have millions of women from Connecticut to Cambodia vying for a new pair of red bottoms when they can barely walk in ballet flats, never mind 5 inch stilettos! We have women and girls from the ‘hood to the White House, altering their bodies for bigger butts and bigger boobs in the hopes of being Video Vixen of the year. As women, there are more of us than not that have no idea who we are so we take hold of what the world says we should be and we become true to that. –IT SUCKS!

So how do we do it ladies? How do we stay true to who we were created to be when all signs point to being like Kim, Kerry, Nicky & Bey? Who they are is who we want to be as women. They are beautiful, successful, wealthy and for some of us, they are every thing that we want to be.
When we see them, we see freedom from our mundane every day lives. There is nothing hot about being a mom without nannies. Nothing sexy about being the wife of a taxi driver. Nothing exciting about taking vacations to your grandmothers which is only in the next state over. There is nothing glamorous about some of our every day lives, so we steal, yes steal, bits and pieces from others in hopes of bringing some relevance to our own lives.

So how do we do it ladies? Well, I don’t have all the answers but I will say this. Their lives are just that THEIRS! Why study, imitate and become a second-rate version of someone else when you were created to be the one and only you? Don’t get it? How about this, why go to the store with a counterfeit $100 bill knowing that someone is going to call you out for trying to pass a fake?

Why be a fake?
Who are you?
What do you love?
What do you like?
What are you passionate about?
What are your boundaries?

In the Bible, the children of Israel had a hard time with this very thing. God delivered them from some crazy situations, some very oppressing and depressing situations. And not only would He deliver them, but He would give them TRUE freedom AND THE LAND that their oppressors owned. But time and time again, instead of possessing the land completely they would allow remnants of their oppressors stay in the land. And before you knew it, they were acting like them, and they would began to delve in idol worship. False gods.

Now you would think, why would they do this? They had the God of heaven and earth on their side. The Great I Am. The One and Only Living God was for them. Why would they turn to a FAKE? Why would they become FAKE?

The grass always looks greener on the other side!

Just like the Israelites, we have God on our side, we don’t have to conform to the world. But the only way that we can stand up to be and stay true to who we are is by KNOWING who we are. Scour the scriptures. See what God says about YOU. Who does He say you are? What does He say that you should do? What does He say you should look like?

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lived, died and rose so that you can be unique. Because you were created to be so. Walk in the freedom of knowing that YOU are enough. Your life is fun, funny, hard, easy, interesting, boring, news worthy, a buzz killer, and so many other things in between. Live out your reality. Fall in love with you. And when the world begins to tell you who you are, go back to the Word and stay true to YOU.

I love you to life, but God loves you beyond that – straight to the core of the true you!



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