Total Woman Tuesday: Yeah It’s Gonna Take ALL Of That

Happy Total Woman Tuesday! I just wanted to add a quick entry to encourage you (and me) for this journey called life.

Have you ever set out to make a life or lifestyle change? Eating healthier? Working out? Quit smoking? Giving up bad relationships? Praying more, etc.? And you start out strong, vowing never to go back to “that thing” that has begun to cripple your life only to find that you crave it?

Yes you want a healthy body, but you can’t get the comfort of the cigarettes off of your mind! It’s so much apart of you that you can taste it, feel it & smell it. And before you know it, you have talked yourself into having just ONE more. And that’s IT! No more…just 1.

Fast forward a week later and you are a full fledged smoker…again!

What happened?! The intent was there! The need was there! What happened?!!

Often times we bamboozle ourselves into thinking ‘we got this’ when in fact IT has got US! We set ourselves up by thinking that we can go back to it and it will have no effect on us. We can leave it, after all we’ve been on the right path for THREE WHOLE DAYS!


In the words of whomever started it ..GIRL BYE! In other words, who do we think we’re fooling?

I read a scripture that made so much sense! It comes from Matthew 22:37, the NIV version says Jesus replied: “Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” The Message version says “…with all your passion and prayer and intelligence”
Hmmmmm….OK….ALL? ALL. ALL!

We are taught that on this Christian journey we are to do everything for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). And that includes making lifestyle changes. If we want to lose weight, it can’t be so that we can boast and brag about being able to rock booty shorts, nor can we want to stop smoking so that we can condemn others for smoking. Nope we have to do it to GLORIFY God.

And just how do we glorify God? Glad you asked…..By LOVING HIM WITH ALL that we have!

Yeah! It’s gonna take all of that! It’s gonna take your mind, your will, your heart, your tears, your sweat, your no, your yes, your sleep, your prayers, your fasting, your dance, your song, your love…it’s gonna take ALL OF YOU!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that change will come because you thought about it; nor will it come because you hoped for it, and it won’t even come because you have will-power. True lasting change only comes from God’s power and it only comes when we admit that we can’t do it alone.

When you’re ready to sacrifice all that you have to gain all that God has then and only then will true change come.

Sista, I won’t lie and say that this will be easy, and I won’t even say that you won’t fall off the wagon, but what I will say is this, keep submitting yourself to the LORD and He will make it worth it!

I love you to life, but God loves you beyond all of that!!



2 thoughts on “Total Woman Tuesday: Yeah It’s Gonna Take ALL Of That

  1. Whew I needed this… its gets hard! I think just one more time then the cycle starts all over again… this morning I needed this.. Yes All of that!!!! applies on all levels….. ♥♥♥

    • ❤ It does get hard! Like I have FELT the war in my body before between my flesh and my spirit and it is HARD! Because you just want to cave and do what you know, but your spirit is pushing you to do what IT knows! But God is there every step of the way! We just gotta be mindful and THAT is not always easy… no way JOSE!

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