Total Woman Tuesday – June 4th

Happy Total Woman Tuesday! I know I said “happy” as if it was a cause for celebration.  In fact… It is! It’s Tuesday, You’re alive AND You’re a woman! Great combination for a celebration to me!!! WOOT WOOT!!! –> insert confetti & a dance break <–

Total Woman Tuesday was birthed out of need.  I need to write, I need to express my thoughts and I need to be FREE!

Going through this life, there are a lot of things that are dubbed as free.  Rent a car, get a free upgrade.  Stay at a hotel and get a free breakfast.  Marry a guy as cute as my hubby and get free eye candy for life. (LOL) But seriously, although those things may be free, to be free as a woman is anything but! It costs! A LOT!

Have you ever stopped for a minute to assess all that is on your plate? Things you HAVE to do, things you WANT to do, things you don’t think you CAN do. And then there are those untouchable things on our plate that just has us bound.  They are called thoughts!  And sometimes, we beg for just a moment to be free from it all!

I love this quote “The image of myself which I try to create in my own mind in order that I may love myself is very different from the image in which I try to create in the minds of others in order that they may love me” W H Auden

Back to the cost of being free.  Being free is gonna cost you friends, family, jobs, hobbies but most of all its gonna cost you, YOU! No not your authentic you, but the you, YOU created. The one that’s stuck around a bunch of gossipers and you’re the ring leader. The you that spends more money than you make just to say you’re a “boss”. The you that has had children by different dads, and dog them out on social media every chance you get. The you that criticizes everyone. The you that is still dealing with emotional scars from your youth.  And the you that {insert your truth here}  <— does that.

Yeah, it’s gonna cost you all of that.  And I know I see your hands popping up say I WANNA BE FREE I WANNA BE FREE.  The thing about being free from your truth, is that once it’s exposed you gotta replace it with God’s truth or you’ll just go back to what you created, or find another shackle to fill that void with.

I encourage you today Total Woman, to allow yourself the freedom of not being who you think you should be, and the freedom of not being who they say you should be.  Rest in the fact that you were created on purpose for a purpose.  Pause for a moment (or longer) and allow yourself non-thinking space, pull those shackles from your soul and ask God to free you today. Then and only then can your soul arise and make sweet  communion with your Creator and He will show you who He says you are.

A beautiful conqueror who was planned before the earth was formed, a daughter of the King with a price that was to high for a man to pay, so He sent His son. A woman, totally perfect, completely purposed, and fully loved.

I love you to life, but God loves you beyond that into freedom!


~ Kisha


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