If You…Total Woman Tuesday

“If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you betta wake up and pay attention!” -Sister Act

Happy Total Woman Tuesday! I love that song from the movie Sister Act (can’t remember right now if it was 1 or 2)
In this life’s journey our aim should be wholeness. Nothing missing nothing broken. But sometimes we miss the mark, we sleep on our gifts, we turn a blind eye to our purpose and we walk around spiritually dead!

Today I encourage you to WAKE UP & PAY ATTENTION! If saying you want a better life didn’t work for the last 5 years, trust me it ain’t gonna work this year -DO something!
Jesus Christ gave us the gift of being SOMEBODY and He gave us the internal nature to want to GO SOMEWHERE, He took our punishment so that we could LIVE! So….LIVE!

I hear you…Kisha how do you expect for me to live and I have all these problems?! Answer…Living a whole life doesn’t mean that you will be without problems it means that you will LEARN to go to The Problem Solver! It means that you will pray for JOY that brings PEACE even in chaos! It means that a whole life comes with the good and the bad but is stamped with the assurance that God HIMSELF will guide you through it all!

As always, I love you to life….BUT GOD! ~Smooches!


One thought on “If You…Total Woman Tuesday

  1. I believe there’s a time and season for everything in life but we certainly can’t wait for all the ducks to be in a rown before acting. We are capable of so much! Terrific Post!

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