Total Woman Tuesdays: MARCH Forward

On my way to work on March 1st, I felt in my spirit that God was telling me that it’s time to move forward. MARCH! It was a direct command, no looking back… just moving forward. As I begin to contemplate what He was saying, the Holy Spirit began to download orders into my mind. The orders were to dedicate the TWT posts to 3 phenomenal women who have pushed past some tough obstacles in their life. As I’m taking this all in, I get a text message from my sister-girlfriend encouraging us to move forward this month; as you can imagine, I almost screamed because it was immediate confirmation.

So here we are. HAPPY 1st Tuesday in MARCH!!!! God has blessed me with 3 AMAZING WOMEN who will share their story of MARCHing forward in the face of all hell breaking loose. They are average women to the naked eye, but extraordinary women of God!

My prayer is that as their stories unfold this month each Tuesday, you take the time to read them and share your comments, questions and prayers for these women. I pray that something is written that will inspire you in your own plight to push past the obstacles that you may be facing in your life.

No matter where you are today, know that WITH God all things are possible. Even when the darkness seems comforting and the light intimidating – all things are possible. On the days when giving up is more appealing than pushing forward – all things are possible.

You will find yourself in the stories of these women and if you know that our Heavenly Father has no favorites; you can rest assured that what He has done and is doing for them, He will certainly do it for you!

I know I know; I don’t know your story, how could He ever pull you through? If nothing else know this, that beautiful face (LOL YES I AM BEAUTIFUL I CLAIM IT, I SAID IT!! LOL), that beautiful face that greets you as my avatar has lived! I have seen many dark days, from having to bury my only daughter who was born prematurely to having to kick a budding addiction to pain pills. From being the biggest liar this side of earth because I was too afraid to face my own truth to being afraid to succeed at ANYTHING! Yes, I have lived and I know that if God has rescued me from that… THERE IS NOTHING that is impossible for you!

Am I still a work in progress??? HONEY, I can imagine my Heavenly Father with a blow torch, protective gear and the Calvary for all the work that is still required in me! BUT He says I’m worth it, so day by day I have to keep repeating that truth to myself.

So I encourage you, take 1 step TODAY and if nothing else, tell yourself that If God thinks your worth it, then you must be pretty doggone special! He sent His ONLY Son to die for us! And it gets even better.. HE GOT UP WITH ALL POWER IN HIS HANDS, and He now sits on the right hand of the Father, going to bat for you EACH AND EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY!

Are you ready?┬áMaybe you’re not, but lets just take a step that will turn into a walk, that will surely turn into a BOLD MARCH before this month is over!

I love you to life and I CAN NOT WAIT for you to meet the AMAAAAZZZINNNGG WOMEN on the line up this month –┬áBut never forget, that GOD loves you BEYOND THAT!!

Smooches ~


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