CheckMate! Total Woman Tuesday

Isn’t it amazing how our children will shine a light on those places that we thought were hidden? This morning as my son and are getting ready for our day, I realized that he had done something that I wasn’t to thrilled with.  When I asked him about it, he begin to deny it.  Now as a mom, we KNOW (typically) when our children are not being truthful.  And finally when the chips hit the floor, yes he was not being truthful but in that same token I was slapped with the reality that it really wasn’t his fault, because this is what I am grooming him to do.


Yes, I realized today that I was grooming my son to be lazy.  Now before you step on your soap box (like I’m sure I would have done if it were YOU writing this blog post) let me finish.  My son had a responsibility to handle, and he had not done so and as I’m standing there getting after him for it, the Holy Spirit allowed me to see that he was just imitating…wait for it…ME! What the What??? See that’s what happens when you spend a lil time in prayer before facing your family; God will show you exactly what you need to see in that hour.

My son is the youngest of 4 children.  His siblings are all young adults, with the youngest being 19 and he being 9; so I rocked the baby stage with him for far to long.  I made excuses for him as to why he didn’t do this,  or why he couldn’t do that.  And in fairness to my husband he has told me time and time again to ; well in a nutshell, cut the crap! LOL But I didn’t listen.

As parents, as women, we need to realize that our kids are gonna do what we do, not what we say.  If I am OK with being lazy more often than not, my kid will too.  I talk a GOOD game, (just read my blog posts, 99% of them talk about being better).  But at the end of the day, I find a way to not do what I set out to do.  But now, it’s affecting my kid.

Ladies, there is nothing sexy, strong nor admirable about being a lazy woman! NO-THING! You may think that you’re not lazy but stop and think about what you can accomplish in a day if you turned off, tuned out or walked away from some things and or people?  If the TV was off when you came home, dinner can be on the table at a decent hour.  If you logged out of social networking sites, you could meet your work deadlines and if you stopped talking on the phone for a little while you could spend some time learning a new hobby or even working out.

Not your reality?  COOL! But today I learned that it is mine, so I’m gonna do what I do best and that’s share.

So on this fabulous TWT I challenge you to set ‘A’ goal.. just 1; and commit to it today.  When you find yourself doing nothing, knowing that there are things that you should be doing, get up and do it.  Be the woman who you want your son to marry, and your daughter to grow in to.  Be the woman who you want your future husband to find or your current husband to still find attractive and spicy and a go getter!  Be the woman who you will be proud to call friend.

I believe in you; I believe in your strength, and I believe that as long as we have breath in our body, we have the power to change.  1 Day, 1 Step, 1 Prayer at a time.  Pray over all things, because it is the only way that we will have God ordained and God sustaining change.


After all, we are destined to be TOTAL Women right?

Prayer: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask you now to take away every excuse from our minds and mouths that we can think of when it comes to not being productive.  Lord I ask now that you remove those things in our lives that we allow to continuously hinder us.  Father show us Your will for our lives in this day, and help us walk in it.  Revive our dreams and our goals Lord and show us, that You’ve given us an abundance of life to live, and help us go after it for Your Names sake.  Lord we thank You for creating us to be strong, courageous and determined women with purpose and passion.  We love you Lord!

In Jesus Name, Amen


I love you to life.. but FATHER.. loves You enough to TOTALy transform you!




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