Nada…..Total Woman Tuesday

Have you ever been in a position in which you had so much to say, but then again nothing at all? Yeah, that’s where I am today with TWT. I know there are a bazillion things that I can talk about, but I really have nothing to say. Kinda strange for me because I ALWAYS have something to say….always!
But I made a commitment to myself that I would consistently write on my blog and I would post the Total Woman Tuesday piece every week. Now I often bail out when I make commitments but I’m gonna do my best to stick and stay… It’s only the second week geesh!!

Well hey looky there I do have something to say!!! If you make a promise keep it! At the end of the day all we have is our word. The commitments that we make build relationships some good, others not so good.

So this TWT’s take home word of encouragement is this like yourself enough to keep your word to others and it will soon blossom into a love for yourself to keep your word to YOU.

I love you to life , but God loves you way more than that and HE is the ULTIMATE keeper of His Word!



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