Total Woman Tuesday’s

I started writing notes on Facebook a few years ago entitled “Total Woman Tuesday’s”.  It was just a short blurb where I talked about devotionals, daily happenings, and just offered a bit of encouragement to women.  As we know, we juggle so many things as women, and sometimes, we just need a little break and room to breath even if its only for 2 minutes!  Total Woman Tuesdays is designed to be a (well at least I hope) breath of fresh air.  A little humor, mixed with a  little “aha” mixed with a bit of “girl I know that’s right!” and a little dash of what ever it comes out to be that week.  No reservations, no pretense, just a woman (me) chatting about a topic of the day.

I am now going to move this “note” to my blog, because I found out that PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ THIS BLOG! YAY ME (AND YAY YOU FOR READING! Really…THANK YOU!!)

So going forward, each Tuesday, you’ll see a special post titled…drum roll please…..YUP YOU GUESSED IT… TOTAL WOMAN TUESDAY’S!

Read it, Share it, Comment on it and provide suggestions on what you’d like me to chat about in the upcoming weeks. ANNNDDD Let me know if you’d like to be a TWT Guest writer! I would so love to have you!

So in the mean time and in between time I will leave you with this TWT Truth:  You were loved from the day you were born, in fact, even before that.  No matter what has been done to you, by you or around you, it doesn’t negate that fact!  You are perfect in every way – you were fashioned to be.  Allow your self room to be humble, to fall, to fail, to succeed, to pray, to praise, to be a friend, and be loved as a friend.  Allow yourself and opps-my bad, a you-go-girl, and allow yourself the best rest of your life, in the arms of our Living, Loving Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you to life, but GOD…MAN-O-MAN He loves you beyond that!!



(To be a featured Guest Blogger for Total Woman Tuesdays please email me @ )


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