If I Was A Writer….

There’s this song by J. Moss titled We Must Praise.  I really love hearing the song because it just reminds me that with everything I am and everything that I have, I must give GOD praise.  As I sit and write this quick entry, I realized that GOD gave me a gift to write.  Now I’m not saying that I’m the best writer in the world, but then again, who do I need to compare myself to when GOD made me an original…uncomparable…unduplicatable! <–LOL OK is that even a word?

But really, comparing myself to others is what brings me to this entry, when GOD created me, created you, He didn’t step back and say, “Now let them have gifts, and compete to the death!” No, He gave us gifts to bless HIM and be His army here on earth. Yes some will get more recognition, more money, more FB LIKES (ha) but the point of having a gift whether it be on Public Access or in the movie theaters is to bless GOD.

I lost sight of that. I backed away from my gifts, I backed away from His Glory because I was afraid to fail, I was afraid of being compared and disliked, I was afraid.  I hid in the background by saying, “I’m just gonna pray about it”, but don’t you know that when GOD sends His Word concerning your life, you can do all the praying you want, but you won’t hear another thing concerning the matter until you do the FIRST thing??

Yeah, so whack to hide in prayer, because you’re not hiding at all, just wasting time! SMH..silly rabbit!

So I will leave you (and me) with this, this blog entry is my first of the year, and the first in a long time.  But my prayer today is that when the thought of stifling my gift rears its ugly head, because believe me..it will…  I will remember these words by J. Moss

If I were a writer, I would use a  pencil…No matter who or  what we are, we must praise
Let the people of God bless Him! Let it ring with love and truth With our gifts we exalt Thee Merciful, wonderful God…..We must praise
If  I were an eagle, I would use my wings.  Since I’m a believer, I’ll use everything…..
~Be blessed, be bold, be reminded that GOD IS FOR YOU! Use EVERYTHING!

Listen to the song here on Youtube—> http://tinyurl.com/yb94g43

Lyrics courtesy of http://www.metrolyrics.com/we-must-praise-lyrics-j-moss.html  (I own no rights to this song or lyrics)



3 thoughts on “If I Was A Writer….

  1. BEAUTIFUL post~ I believe there are higher reasons and purposes which at our disadvantage viewpoint [because we’re here to be proven] doesn’t suggest or imply God can’t see what’s ahead and what He is preparing for us ahead! Glad you’re back~ Deborah

    • Thank you Deborah so much for the feed back! I really appreciate you and thank you so very much for stopping by!! GOD has so much in store for us, I just pray that I stay patient enough and not fall off the wagon to see it all!! LOL

  2. Yes Lakia! We really don’t know all the riches in Christ that we have. Praise is the key even when we FEEL like we dont have a reason to!

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