hgkekbsnlwejfb!!!! In plain English….what the what???

Yup! You read the title right! “hgkekbsnlwejfb!!!!”. It’s the type of title that comes when there are no words!

Picture it, reading God’s word and then BAM! You’re gut punched like never before!¬† ¬†Think about when the Prophet Nathan laid out a scenario before David and David got so enraged that he basically said “That coward needs to die! NOW!!”. And the Prophet says “uhhh, hey buddy, YOU ARE THAT MAN! (This was meant to sound like the best Maury Povich voice I could muster!). Funny right? But really, what happens when God shows us the word and shows US in the word?! Not so funny if the word is not revealing a blessing, but rather a disappointment.

I’m sitting here skimming the book of Proverbs because I read a tweet about fools, and I chuckled and re-tweeted, “you gotta love the book of Proverbs”. But for whatever reason, I opened my Bible and began to scan the book of Proverbs, read some things that I thought Humph, my 19-year-old son needs to read this, and man-o-man, my husband needs to read that! Pointing my finger in my mind like yeah, that’s right!!! Then God allowed me to land on a spot that slapped me so hard that I thought I would barf (sorry but its true!)

Proverbs 6:16-19 – the things God HATES, things that are DETESTABLE and with each word on the page I found my self sinking deeper and deeper into my chair! As if God was taking a roll call of my past actions

Haughty eyes?
Lying tongue?
Hands that shed innocent blood?
A heart that devised wicked schemes? CHECK!
Feet that were quick to rush into evil? RIGHT HERE!
A False Witness?
A person who stirs up dissension among brothers?

What-the-what?! YUP! I can check myself off in every single detestable category that my King HATES! How can this be?!

This life offers us so much possibility, good and evil. But for much of my life when Christ was not apart of it, I choose the evil. It felt good, it looked good and heck, I was grown! A solid adult who made solid decisions. So I thought…..

But had someone said those things to me today, in the context that Prophet Nathan said them to King David, I’m sure I would have responded like David did.

So where does that leave me? It leaves me with the truth that God still has to clean me from those hidden areas that get pushed back so far, we forget they’re there. But they are alive, breathing, and ready to make a re-entry when given the opportunity.

I thank God for His correction, although it hurts something serious. I thank God for His mercy, because He shows me that my eyes could have been opened in hell had He not spared my life. And I thank God for His word, often opening it for one thing, but the Holy Spirit revealing something different, something needed for that defining moment in time.

Have you silenced hidden sin? If so it is not to late to confess it before God and ask for forgiveness and for love to fill the place that darkness once held! We are free in the Word and Ways of God, we just have to accept it, apply it and walk in it, minute my minute.

Father God in the name of Jesus I pray that you will restore our hearts to what you created them to be, pure, holy, upright and a mirror image of You our Father and Creator.

In Jesus name… Amen


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