HI ALL! First and foremost thank YOU for subscribing to my blog! This entry is a little different because it is about helping a great cause.

The Story:
My niece Sa’Niah was born weighing just 2lbs 0.3 oz on April 5, 2010. She was just 6 months and 6 days into her 40 week “cooking” process. Sa’Niah spent 87 days in the NICU and as you can imagine, it was a very trying time for her parents and family. She was literally in the fight for her life!

Fast forward to today, Sa’Niah is a healthy, happy and VERY active 2 year old little girl and we are looking forward to the amazing life that she has ahead of her!

Thanks to the March Of Dimes, Sa’Niah was exposed to the best care & treatments and her parents were able to take part in amazing support groups to help them during their 1st trying year.

There are so many babies born each day prematurely and due to organizations like the March Of Dimes they and their families are able to get the much needed support.

SO what do I need?? Well I’m doing a 3 mile walk to raise money for March For Babies, a walk sponsored by and for the March of Dimes. The walk will take place THIS Sunday, May 6,2012 @ Rentschler Field 615 Silver Lane East Hartford, CT. I would love your support! So if you can please make an online secure donation by visiting
We would GREATLY appreciate it!!!!

And from Sa’Niah and myself:

High 5 Diva’s!
BOOP Shimmy Shimmy!!!!

(Its a song we sing to our special hand shake! LOL)

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