I just can’t remember….

I just can't remember....

For all the mothers, imagine, a beautiful pregnancy, 40 weeks exactly not a day late, or a day early. Very little morning sickness and for the most part you feel really good! You sing to your precious bundle of joy, you read to your new little pumpkin and overall, you just can’t wait to hold her in your arms. Delivery day comes, you pray and ask God, please let her be all that you destined her to be. And then, you lay eyes on her, she’s so beautiful that you cry. All 10 fingers and toes, a healthy cry and that beautiful curly hair.

Fast forward 16 years, and one day she wakes up and you call her down for breakfast and she walks down the stairs and into the kitchen and she just stares at you. Blank, unmoved, confused, but unafraid. She asks, “who are you?” And you reply, stop being silly, eat your breakfast. But something in her tone causes you to look into her eyes and you realize, she’s not joking. You walk over to her and softly say, “honey are you ok?” And she asks again, “who are you?” “The house, I know, this kitchen I know, those pancakes..I know, but who are you?” You begin to cry, panic and dial your husband, who doesn’t answer, because you just know that she’s been hit in the head and now is suffering from amnesia. You call her doctor, take her in for an evaluation and to your surprise, she remembers the doctor and even the route that you took to get to his office. And still, she doesn’t remember you.

As I sat reading my Sunday School lesson that came from John 1, I read verses 10-11(God’s Word Translation) “He (Jesus) was in the world, and the world came into existence through him. Yet, the world didn’t recognize him. He went to his own people, and his own people didn’t accept him.”

I couldn’t help but think, Lord, how can this be? How can you create us yet we develop this spiritual amnesia along the way, so much so that some of us never remember You, never accept You and will never spend eternity with You? How Lord? Why Lord? I don’t have the answer to this, and I know the under lining factor is that we have an enemy in this world who will do every thing that he can to deter us from the love of God, but how can some of us never have a flash back to Who our Creator is? Just a glimpse of what was? A flicker of what can be? It just saddens my heart and my prayer is that the God of Abraham, Moses and Jacob will restore our souls to what they were created to be, images of Him, ambassadors on this earth so that the world would be filled with His glory through His children. I pray that God opens the eyes of the spiritually blind, opens the ears of the spiritually deaf and allow us to just remember... so that we can accept Him and all His righteousness.

In Jesus Name,


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