Preparation Day…A talk with Daddy

“OK baby, today is the day. I need you to be a big girl for me. No no, don’t cry, its going to be OK. I know you don’t want to leave but Daddy needs you to do this for Him. Only you can do this, do you understand? I will be with you, every step of the way. From this point forward, I will never leave you. I know I know it’s going to be scary. Yes baby you will cry. Yes love you will get hurt, BUT, I promise, I’ll be right there. Yes, even though you won’t see me like you do now, I’ll still be there. My voice? Yes you will still hear it but your gonna have to focus a little harder to hear it because it’s very noisy where your going, but I promise, you’ll know it’s Me when you hear My voice.

Yes, the Angels will still sing to you, close your eyes and you’ll always hear them.

The earth, for just a short while is going to be your new home, and then when your finished, Daddy’s gonna call you back home and you won’t be confused by the call.

But baby, look at me, I need you to hear Me OK? The earth has a lot of pretty things in it, pretty things that can make you think about me less and less until you forget about me. I know princess, you won’t forget me, but there will be a time when you do. Shhh sweetie, when it’s time I’ll whisper your name, and everything will come back to you. The pretty things won’t be so pretty, but you will use them as tools OK?

I love you too…but there’s more. When I call you, you have to answer me. If you don’t hear me the first time, yes beautiful, I will call you again. Of course, I love you enough to call you again even if you don’t hear me the second time, or the third time, or the millionth time. But I need you to understand that if you don’t answer me before I call you back to me, you won’t be able to stay with me.

Rest baby, rest…I know this is a lot, but I need you to understand. I’m sending you to build our house, with more of my beloved children so while you’re on earth I need you to always listen to me and do as I say. OK?

So smile for Daddy, because today, is the day, that I send you to earth, you will be a prophecy fulfilled, an answer to a prayer. You are My beacon, My sweet, sweet daughter. I’m crying tears of joy baby because I know you will make Daddy proud, and even when you mess up, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that I don’t love you anymore, because that is not the truth.

Hear Me, I’ve loved you before there was ever a moon, I’ve wanted you before there was ever a star, I’ve needed you before there was ever a rose, I’ll love you the same when it rains and when it snows. While you’re little and as you grow. You are the best of Me, and you look just like Me. I created you for Me, and everything that I Am is all for you.

Ready?….Daddy loves you Daughter!”

-As I sat at my desk…the thought of God having a conversation with us before we enter the earthly realm came to mind….just my thoughts…TSM-

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