Confidence in Who GOD IS and who He’s called me to be!

I am a work in PROGRESS…. I am a work in PROGRESS….I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS! WHEW! OK, yesterday I had a tearful talk with my sister-girlfriend and before I knew it I was in tears! Yup full on T.E.A.R.S! And as I’m babbling on about why I feel like I’m failing, she looks at me as only a good friend can and says ” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I don’t mean in a ‘aww poor baby’ kind of way, NO I mean in a ‘I’m gonna punch you in the face if you don’t stop with all this foolishness’ kind of way! Yup, that’s my friend! HA HA HA!!

You see, I’m a thinker, analytical as some would say and sometimes it’s hard for me to STOP thinking when it comes to the things of God.  I often doubt why He’s chosen ME.  I mean…ME, the girl who was on a FAST track to hell…ME???  And when God presents opportunities for me to bless Him in my calling, for the most part, I do, but then I walk away…… and the thinking begins.  “Oh my gosh, how am I speaking of things that I myself am still dealing with?  How can I talk about things with so much conviction and still struggle in other areas? How can I be such a hypocrite?!”  These and so many more LIES began to flood my head!

As I sat and talked with my friend (after she took a deep breath and realized punching me was not worth repenting over) she said, “Kish- you must have CONFIDENCE in WHO GOD IS and WHO HE’S CALLED YOU TO BE!”  I said..I do…sorta kinda..BUT it- and she cuts me off and said NO you don’t! BELIEVE what He told you and bank on the fact that He will finish you!  He showed you the end of a thing, why wouldn’t He bring you to it?”


The Bible clearly tells me that God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19) so why in the world would I doubt Him? I got an answer.. BECAUSE I THINK TO MUCH!  I often place my limitations on a limitless God.  Who HE is, is not who I am… but who I am is totally dependent on WHO He is and WHO He has called ME TO BE….. I am, praying even now that my confidence in WHO GOD is grows minute by minute so that when my mind tries to take over, my spirit will say in the words of Madea….”SAT DOWN”!


Father God in the name of Jesus,

I pray right now God that our confidence in Who You are; Holy, Matchless, Loving, All knowing, Forgiving, Limitless, Wonderful, Awesome, WORTHY will trump any thought that the enemy or our flesh brings to mind.  I stand firm on Your word Lord that You are not a liar, all that You have said and all that You will say will be as You command.  I pray that the strong holds that have built up in our minds will crash down like all giants must do.  I declare and decree that Your will be done in the lives of Your people.  No more stinking thinking for Your daughters, no more defeated thoughts for Your sons. But we will think on those things that are true, pure, beautiful and pleasing to You; because we were created to please You.  Lord we love You and thank You for going above and beyond all that we can ask for and think of….

In the mighty name of Jesus…



~Walk in the Confidence of Who God is, because in His foot steps, you will find who He has called you to be! TSM~


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