Just A prayer….

I sometimes wonder what God thinks when He see’s us being blessed by an answered prayer request.  You know the prayer request that we sent up to Him, but for some reason harbored just a smidgen of doubt on.  I pray that God takes away every drop of doubt from our minds.  I pray that He allows the church to experience His presence like never before; and experience like the day of Pentecost.  A day that saints around the world are with one accord in the name of Jesus.  A day that minds will be set free and hearts will be made of flesh.  A day that souls, once thought to be destined for hell, will rejoice and profess that Jesus is Lord.  A day, that God’s peoples hearts will be humbled, the day that we will repent and the day that God will hear us and heal our land.  I am praying for your children, your husbands, your wives, your brothers, your sisters, your co-workers and even your enemies,  I am praying for our neighbors next door, next town, next state and next country.  I AM PRAYING FOR AN OUTPOURING of the Holy Spirit like never before and most of all, I pray that you will allow God to rest, rule and abide in your heart and home.

In Jesus name,  AMEN!



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