How real is REALITY?

I have to admit, I’ve become a reality TV junkie!  From the Real House Wives franchise to the Basketball Wives franchise and even..the Teen Mom franchise.  I gotta admit, who ever came up with this idea of TV programming is a genius.  Genius ehhh?? Well yeah! It makes for some great TV! Drama, great shoes and clothes…oohhh the shoes, “fabulous” lives and who can top the instant celebrity!   

I kind of think that this type of programming was designed to give “regular” folk a shot at showing how “regular” folk really live.  But I can’t say that I can relate.  I mean well yeah, I am a wife…but there is nothing “house” about it!  I work a full-time job, and I doubt that my husband would be OK with me fighting, cursing women (and men) out, falling down drunk, and making myself look like…well a doggone fool!   However, I can relate to being a teen mom.  Having my first son (who’s now 18 and a college freshman woop woop!) at 16, was probably one of the most insane times in my life.  But here’s where I can’t relate with our infamous teen moms of reality TV… nobody gave ME a show, and I sho’nuf didn’t get paid for popping him out!   On the contrary, I had to work my butt off to finish high school and not to mention, trying my hardest to hold on to the little piece of my childhood that I got to experience at dances and sporting events.  (not much)

So I ask, how real is this “reality”.  It seems that a lot of the “reality” in these reality shows are scripted to amp up the drama and garner repeat watchers like eheemmm, myself.  Hear me out, I am not mad at the producers and such, but it’s time for us to tune back in to whats really real. 

While I’m wasting away watching these reality shows, my hubby is in another room watching sports, my boys are doing something else, and my Bible…boy oh boy, my poor bible is collecting dust! 

So with that said, I am praying to God to help me tap into the reality that is Him.  The reality that I am fearfully and wonderfully made ( a thought I struggle with…probably because my “reality” is tainted…HA!)  The reality of the fact if I am praying for drama, deception, and craziness to be removed from my life…so there is no point of me DEDICATING hours on end to watching it.  

So how real is reality??? I think it’s as real as what we are feeding ourselves to believe it is…..  


Tell me what'cha think?

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