Turn your face to the Son

I read a sign today that said “Become like a rose and turn your face to the sun”. I thought, wow that is a powerful statement! Its so amazing how every creature that our Heavenly Father created, understands that its soul (well I don’t know if they have a soul, but you get it; right?) purpose is to worship God. They understand that all of their needs can be met by Him. A rose, turns its face to the sun to receive all that it has to offer. Now I’m no master when it comes to nature, but can u imagine that rose, stretching its stem as tall as it can, expanding it’s petals so that every inch can experience the warmth, and its roots, stretching down further into the deep thick earth in WORSHIP……mmmmmmmm.

That’s a beautiful thought; Turn your face to the SON. Can you imagine, when your feeling a bit low as we all do at times and will at times, you can be lifted by just turning your face to the SON? Can you imagine celebrating the birth of a new baby; yours or otherwise, and rejoicing by turning your face to the SON?! Oh, man, how about when you are on the verge, of slipping back into that old sinful nature, but instead you…turn your face to the SON? Or just because you realized, you woke up ALIVE, you turn your face to the SON.

The song says, “Cause Jesus is my portion, a constant friend is He, His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He watches me”.

He is my portion, everything I need, everything you need is in that portion! He is your friend, one like no other has been, will be, or can be. He watches the sparrow, THE SPARROW, what more do you think He’s doing for you, me, whom He made in HIS image.

Today, I choose to get my portion, by being like a rose and turning my face to The SON. Won’t you enjoy the rays with me?

Be blessed!



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