Have we dissed Jesus?

….”Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.” Matthew 13:57

Has anyone ever said or given you the impression that they didn’t take you seriously because they know yo’ momma an’dem? Or given you a look like “who does she think she is because I remember when….”

All your trying to do is help them, and they can’t get past the point that your younger than them, not as privileged as them, not as educated as them, or that they knew you when…
It’s sad to know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ experienced this same rejection. As I sit in the car waiting for 2 of my top 3 guys of all time (my hubby and our youngest son- the other 3rd that’s missing is our eldest son AJ) to come out of the barbershop I began to read the scripture for our Sunday school lesson and all I could think is, “dang have we kicked Jesus out of our ‘hood?” Jesus said that a prophet gets no respect in his own ‘hood, and the Bible goes on to say, that he didn’t do many miracles their because of their lack of faith! Dang! The King of kings and the Lord of lord’s has stepped into your ‘hood and He leaves and take His power with Him because we don’t have the faith to believe that He is Who He say He is. Ain’t that some mess?! It got me to thinking, our land isn’t healed because we don’t have the faith to believe that it can be. Our aunties, uncles, cousins. momma’s and daddies can’t kick the habit because we don’t have the faith to believe they can. Jesus has come to your ‘hood and is saying. “I’m here what do you need? All I require is that you believe I am, and believe I can.” That’s it! You ain’t gotta pay for it, you ain’t gotta beg for it, just…..believe.

Believe He can and He will! Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!!!

Don’t kick Him out, embrace Him with all that you have, and He can, wants to, and will do the rest! You are blessed….if you wanna be!


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