A real friend…..

I read an email that listed some “points” to what a good friend is. One of the points stated ” A friend will bail you out of jail, but a real friend would be sitting in the cell with you!” I thought that was hilarious…but seeing that I’m to cute for prison, I passed over that one! LOL..yup I said it, deal with it! LOL

The other day, I was going through hell! I felt like I had descended into the pits of all pits, and I just wanted to scream to cry. to punch someone! Anything to get that monkey off of my back! As I sat there an continued to fume, I got up from my desk and pulled my friend away and said ” I’m getting a divorce! I can’t take it anymore! Enough iis enough!!

Cookie walked me to a back hallway and allowed me to cry, be angry and even say I wanted a divorce, all without judgment.

Siderbar, Cookie is that chick! I mean really she is about her business and understands the pit, and recognizes that she belongs in a palace! In her own words “I ain’t got time for no Peanut butter and Jelly!” Meaning she has no time for mess! Prayer warrior, Missionary appointed by God! I swear she’s like the 1 woman Red Cross!!! Oookkkkkk back to the topic…(Hey Cooooke!!)

As she took in my pain, and gave me her thoughts, she hugged me and said,” let’s pray” she went into a prayer that was appointed and anointed by God! Left no stone unturned for the enemy to use as weapons later! She covered it all! And I was so grateful. When I walked away I said, ” now THAT is a real friend!”

So my take-away on this, a real friend, will always pray for you and with you….so you DON’T end up in jail!

You are blessed, if you choose to accept it!


One thought on “A real friend…..

  1. I am so glad Cookie was there to help you through your storm. GOD is always there when we need him, because if he wasn’t, your day would have been worst than it was before you and Cookie prayed. Prayer is so powerful and unexplainable if someone doesn’t have faith and isn’t a believer in GOD.I love you Kish, stay strong, anointed, prayerful, and most of all a BELIEVER!!!

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