Never means NEVER!

Hebrews 13:5 (K JV) ….. I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
These are 8 powerful, power packed and power giving words. These words are… guessed it…..Your POWER!!!

So today not to long ago, I was shown a lesson in just how true these words are. A little background, I met a phenomenal woman of God some time ago, who didn’t know me from a can of paint, but she knew that the God she served was the same God that I was struggling to know. We talked for a bit (actually, we talked for hours!!) and one of (the many) the things that stuck out that she said was “My Father wants to know, why are you struggling with the fact that you have the presence of the Holy Ghost?” “You are struggling for no reason because you have It!” Needless to say I almost hit the floor, door, wall, whatever was close by, because that was an ongoing internal battle that I had. And nobody, I mean NObody could have known that…but God!

So flash forward to today and for some reason, I’ve been dealing with that same battle. But God reminded me not only of the conversation with Helen, but He also reminded me of His promise, His truth, that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Here’s what happened….so we have a 6 year old, and its winter here and everyday he loses a hat! On the bus, in school, at home…doesn’t fail! I mean really we celebrate when he has his hat! So yesterday Chris and I took him to Marshals, got him a new HAT and coat, and literally he wore the hat to church and we came home….with the hat. This morning, it’s not even 10 am we are leaving out , and yup…you guessed it he can’t find his hat. Brand new hat! Only worn once hat! The hat!!! So we are looking all over his room, I’m on my mommy tyrant..”You just got it! You better find it! I can’t believe this! I mean we are in the closet, under the bed, in the hamper…we are looking everywhere! So after about 15 minutes of looking, God makes me pause for a second, and tells me to look at my Punkin. So I do and he’s standing there with the biggest brown eyes, his nice new coat, and a sad face because he just can’t figure out, what happened to the hat. I look at him and I say “you know what buddy, this is a time to laugh….laugh real hard!” He asks “why” I say because we searched all over this house for your hat that…..was……attached to you the whole time!!!! I mean we looked every where and the hat was basically looking with us because it was attached to the velcro on his coat!!! Hilarious!!

And my sweet heavenly Father nudged me and said…”that’s you!” I’m like huh? He says, “you keep running in circles seeking Me, seeking My presence and the whole time, I’m attached to you wondering if you will ever just stop and see and remember that I said I will Never leave you nor forsake you! And as long as I am God (which will be forever, and forever some more), Never means NEVER!!!! So stop searching, and open your eyes and see that I’m attached to you because you belong to me!!”

WOW!!!! (I pause and  I sigh at this point………….) All I can say is praise Your name Father, You are and will always be He that  is the TRUE and LIVING God, and thank you for loving me so much!

He sent me a power packed word, while I’m searching for a hat, that was never lost!!

Are you searching…stand still and ask Our Lord and Savior to show you Himself….and He will!
You are blessed….IF you choose to accept it!


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