Stand Up!

Just a little background on this piece.  I was asked to speak to women on a weekly conference call, The Sweet Dreamz Call, about the importance of standing up in this day.  The purpose of the call is to encourage, enlighten and share the wonderful news of our Saviour and the need to express and live out our God-given dreams.  This particular call took place on 12/6/09, and I wanted to share what the Lord had given me.  Yes  know that I take no credit for anything in this life, because I understand that God had to place it in me, give me the boldness to share it, and the wisdom to give all credit and honor to Him. 


For the past few months we  have been instructed to dream.  We have been told and taught to give our dreams back to God, because this way, He will be able to trust us with more of the dream.  We have talked about dreamers and dream snatchers; Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, and the three Hebrew boys.  We have been in the lion’s den, and the furnace.  We’ve had a conference, and conversations, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve dreamed some amazing dreams.  But beyond dreaming, what have you done?  The sad reality is, that some of us have done nothing! So the task for you tonight is to STAND UP! 

See standing is more than being in a still upright position on your two feet.  It requires action! It requires YOU to do somethings!  The Bible teaches us in James 2:26 that faith without works is dead! So you can shout from the roof top that you have faith that your dreams will come true, but if you aren’t doing the dream work; YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT IT!  It is time to stop complaining that people don’t understand, and that people don’t support your dreams.  They are just tired of hearing you talk about it! They don’t believe in your dreams, because you don’t believe in your dreams!

Standing up is a simple statement, but a tough process.  Your current nature won’t allow you to stand, so you have to push past what you know, and step into the unknown.  Push past your adversary and reach out for you Saviour.  Kick down your fears and stand up in faith.  See standing is dream work, and dream work won’t always be fun, it won’t always be convenient , but dream work will ALWAYS be worth it!

This is not a one shot deal, you’ve gotta continue to stand.  Standing takes courage, commitment boldness and the willingness to be knocked down but the determination to get back up…. unshaken! Now THAT is standing!   In standing you pray, in standing you worship, in standing you study, in standing you sing, in standing you may cry, in standing you fight!  Because here, in this place, you will see what was truly spoken by God into your dust.

Ladies, it’s time……….STAND UP!





2 thoughts on “Stand Up!

  1. Kisha!!! This is so on point! I was just quoting “Faith without works is dead” over the last few days! Our God is such an AWESOME God!!!

    WHEW!!! Thank you so much for being a willing vessel. YAY!!!

    • Nik you are the best! I do believe that we are in partnership with God He has a part and so do we, and if we don’t do our part, because He will ALWAYS do His, then we miss out!

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