Please… I’m begging, give your life SERIOUSLY to Christ!

I’m just in a mood today. A mood that is resonating that God is not playing! We have to be in “ready” mode at all times! The enemy tricks are getting craftier and it seems that Gods people, His chosen people, the royal priesthood is falling for the mess. It is time out for allowing tradition and rules to dictate your relationship with God. It’s time to lay EVERY thing aside and go after Abba like never before. The next minute is not promised to us, and if this was your last-minute, what would you do with it? If God ever so gently whispered, ” It is now 6:28 pm, will you now serve me with your whole heart? Please?” What would you say? Would you say ” Yes Lord, here I am, I am ready” Or would you brush it off and say ” I have time?” People, we don’t have the time to play!
My 16-year-old son said goodnight to his friend last night after a basketball game, and woke up this morning only to find out that his friend was killed after leaving the game due to a hit and run! This is a kid…do you think that he ever imagined that his life would be cut so short?

Take a moment, ask God to search your heart and your motives, and be honest, real and rugged, because that is the kind of God we are dealing with. Let Him know that you don’t know where to begin, you don’t know how to get it together and that you need Him, all of Him. Have Him break it down to you on an elementary level so there is no room for error.
Please I beg of you, don’t allow yourself to be tricked any longer into thinking you have time. Live every moment as if it is your last. Direct every thought towards Heaven. Let God rest rule and abide in your heart, every second of the day. Check in with God to be sure that you have not “left the building” and He’s not with you. Check in with our Father, constantly so that you are always covered by grace.


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