You betta recognize!

When I was growing up we had this saying ” You betta recognize!”  And with a roll of the eyes and twist of your neck, you let who ever you were talking to know that you were not the one to be played with!  Oooh that was really one of my favorite lines…..pause…. I had a flash back! LOL OK, but “recognize” meant that you commanded and demanded that whomever you were talking to understood that they could not disrespect you , “roll up” on you or treat you any way except respectfully.

You know as kids we know no fear! So sticking up for ourselves and our friends is easy. Commanding respect is just apart of who we are at that time, bold, fearless, no joke! Especially if you grew up in my ‘hood!

I remember my Freshman year in high school, I almost got expelled!  Maaannnn you just don’t know how scared I was! Why??? Do you know my mama! EXPELLED….O! K!  All I will say is this, about 20% of the school was  my family and close family friends, another almost 30% was there friends, so here we are, a whole bunch of kids, who had no problem helping people who didn’t get the memo “recognize.”  Now don’t get me wrong, we weren’t a gang of hoodlums that terrorized any town or anybody, but this swagga just came with our territory.  So on this given day, tons of kids are engaged in one huge fight all because I needed someone to “recognize” that they could not talk to my friend any kind of way. Side bar….Im so sorry yall for all that trouble we got into.. I love yall for life, and thanks for having my back! HAHAHAHAH  OK, I’m back and incase you’re wondering, NO I DO NOT HAVE ADULT ADD! I’m just thinking…. a lot…. Soooo where was I , yeah the fight, so all because I wanted someone to recognize and went about it the wrong way, I got in a whole lotta trouble.  I say that to remind you of the mindset that we were in as kids, nonsense was not tolerated!

Somewhere along the line as our lives moved forward and we grew up, learned more (good and bad) and made mistakes, that whole stand on “you betta recognize” took a back seat to “I’ll just compromise.”  You no longer stood up for yourself and surely not for your friends.  We ended up in bigger schools , cooperate America and a part of the world in general and quickly found that we were no longer the smartest, the boldest, the prettiest or even the most liked, and this is where this lil’ ugly ol’ thing called insecurities popped up!   No longer were we commanding people to recognize, but we no longer recognized either! That power, that strength, we forgot all about it.

We began to compromise our relationships ” Yeah, I know he’s no good for me but………(fill in the blank!)”  We compromise our jobs, ” I  hate working here but……….(fill in the blank)”  And we compromise our lifestyles ” I cant afford this but……(fill in the blank).  All because at some point on this journey it became easier to conform, than to go against the grain and say NO! YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE!  Take a moment to think about when you stopped recognizing WHO you were…….

A tough thought huh??  So here we are “un” recognizable and surely comprimisable…is that a word?? I don’t know but you get the point.

Where do we go from here?? I have goooodd news… we still have that same power that we once had!  The Bible teaches us that there is power in the tongue! Yes power! YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE! WOOOO HOOO!!!  The tongue can cause death, but it can also cause life! Think about that thing, the words You speak can cause life spring up in those once strong, positive areas and death to those areas that don’t belong anywhere near us!! 

God is so loving that He made us in His image.  Have you ever wondered what that meant?  I thought before ” Well God, you sure have many faces!”  But then I realized that what He meant was that our souls were made in His image! WOW!!! SO everything we ever needed has been with us since birth!  A true Designers original! THANK YOU LORD! Crafted and fashioned! Painstakingly designed, unique, peculiar, beautiful, talented, ALL ….. IN ….. YOU!  You betta recognize!!!! (Now we are giving this new meaning AMEN SOMEBODY!)

It’s time that  we recognize who we are and Who’s we are.  No your past mistakes don’t dictate WHO you are and they surely don’t dictate WHO’s you are.  We have all come  up on some situations when we gave everything we had away. Our minds, our bodies, our souls…..everything!!!  But God is calling us back and He’s saying ” WHO YOU ARE is My chosen child. Picked before the foundations of the earth were spoken into existence….don’t you recognize??  You are beautiful because I made you so, you are anointed because I made you so and you are important because I made you so. But most of all you are loved, because I love you so…. Now… recognize!

Time out for the dropped heads and pity parties, and time in for lifted hearts, hands and heads because it’s time to rejoice! You are the child of THE KING…… YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE!!!!


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