A Heart Committed to God

I know that if I look back over my journal entries and replay my thoughts, I’ve entered this realm before. ” God, this time, I’m FOR REAL!!!! (yeah, the exclamation points meant I was serious….that day) Now don’t get me wrong, God is not to be mocked, and that is far from my intention here,
but how do you get rid of a procrastinating spirit? Understanding that my God is a God of order and action, How, as His child, a child of The Most High can I be plagued by a spirit of procrastination? Well let’s be real….Laziness! All procrastination is, is a $100 word for L.A.Z.Y! Yup, I’ll admit it. I am learning that my passion for Christ means nothing without a committed spirit. How do you get a committed spirit my friend? Glad you asked TRAIN!! Train like you would if you ran a marathon! You would work out daily (WORSHIP) you would train daily (STUDY) and you would seek out a trainer that could get you to the best place physically and mentally(PRAY). So here we have it Worship, Study and Pray…..CONSTANTLY! Without fail and intentionally! Let the process (yes its a process) be considered a
MUST DO and not a Have to do. Tell yourself “I must worship God because this is my chance to tell Him how much I love appreciate and need Him!” Yes NEED!! We need Him so much! I must study Gods Word. If I don’t study God’s Word, how will I know about Him? How will I know that I need Him, How will I know???

I must pray! Pray in faith and with boldness pray against feelings and circumstances. What I mean is this, sometimes I don’t “feel” like praying but it’s my life line to my Abba (Father), sometimes I don’t “feel” God when I’m praying but the Bible teaches me that He will never leave
me nor forsake me. Sometimes I “feel” like I don’t have enough faith but the Bible teaches me that He has given EVERY man a measure of faith… you know.. THE MUSTARD SEED! Yup, you got it too! So in the face of your circumstances, hurt, anger, confusion, insecurity, PRAY! Your life really does depend on it! So lets push past feeling and embark on faith! Are you ready to become committed and ready to do what God has ordained for you?? LETS GO!! Know that Sister So-So may pray for hours, but it doesn’t mean that you will. Brother Jo-Jo may read a book in the Bible every day, but it doesn’t mean you have too. Cousin Mo-Mo may speak in tongues 10 out of 24 hours a day, and all are OK, but don’t measure your time with God based on someone else’s. Your commitment is just that YOURS! Intimate, personal, and tailored made for the only two in the relationship that matter, You and God! Don’t measure yourself against anyone, if you are falling short on your end of the deal, you will know, He will tell you, simple as that!

Please know that this blog entry is a answered prayer of my own, in the moments that I had written this in my journal (10/19/09 to be exact) God answered two prayers of mine! Woo!! Thank you Father! 1. My first prayer was, you guessed it, how to shake this laziness….So CHECK! that’s done! 2. Father, what can I do to prepare myself for what you have called me to do (The gift of writing is one of my many blessings! Isn’t God great!)? BLOG AND SHARE!! Great…CHECK! Answered prayers are great, and they increase your faith and they propel you to pray more, study more and worship more, so you end up with what… you guessed it A COMMITTED HEART TO GOD! YAY!!! So how do we ditch procrastination and embody a new and invigorating commitment to God?


Say with with me…



Be blessed!!!


5 thoughts on “A Heart Committed to God

  1. Sister that was great. My eyes are watering because reading this made me think you was talking to just me. I have a hard time with alot of things and as I always say just hearing the word from you gets me going. I love it. Keep it up. I feel blessed to have been able to read this.

    • Melly, God uses us as He pleases. I never understood that like I do now! We all have something unique that God has placed in us that will be used for His glory and the uplift and the education of His people. Once of mine just happens to be writing, so ANYTHING I write, I am praying over it, because I need it to be anointed and specific. So the feeling that I was talking directly to you, means that this was designed JUST FOR YOU! I take no credit for anything and give all honor to Jesus Christ, whom without, I AM ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We need you, start praying about what God has designed in you to move His people, I bet it has something to do with making people laugh! They say that laughter is the best medicine!!
      You ARE blessed!

  2. YES, YES and YES again. Cuz this is exactly what I needed this very day.. God answers your prayers not always the way you want but in HIS way. I PRAY, I PRAY I PRAY.. but my laziness gets in the way of WORSHIP AND STUDY… THANK YOU for this today I needed it… I LOVE YOU and I love this message.. keep them coming…

    • Nicol I thank you for checking this out! I am so grateful to God for what He is doing in my life. I pray that everything I put on this blog is directly from Him as He gives it to me.
      I am encouraged to keep going DESPITE ME! You know this flesh gets real possesive, but I belong to God so I gotta keep it in check! My thought is once we know, we grow, so let the flowers bloom!!
      I love you and I thank you!!!

  3. YES YES YES!!! Preach! I am trying real hard not to be continually, constantly amazed at how God knows just what to have someone speak, at just the right time. How awesome He is!! I suffer from that $100 word for laziness as well but this is the very minute that God has delivered me from it. WORSHIP STUDY PRAY. Yup! I got 5 on it!


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